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Bloomington, MN

Bloomington, MN

We decided to venture to IKEA in order to find some new kitchen knives. it was about noon time so we thought we would try their “restaurant”. It was packed! IKEA promotes this by stating “the menu includes kid’s meals, organic and vegetarian options, healthy choices and Swedish classics.” With that being said the food should be good right? W-E-L-L-L-L-L. . . .

I decided I would try their salmon burger. I am trying to eat more fish. The description is ” reinvent the traditional burger, taking culinary inspiration from a current favorite, the pulled pork burger, and giving it an extra Swedish twist  for the PULLED SALMON BURGER”. There was the burger, a little bit of lettuce (and when I say a little bit I mean it! The menu says cabbage but I beg to differ.), BBQ spices, and a couple of pickle slices ( I found 1). For $4.99 it was okay. I thought the burger was a bit dry and bland, there was no sauce, and I would rather have it flame broiled on a grill.


I also decided that I needed a little dessert at the end so I purchased 2 of the coconut truffles for $.49 each. Made with oats, cocoa powder and rolled in coconut they were so-so. I would have liked to have more chocolate. Who wouldn’t?


I guess for a for a cheap date this would be the place to go or if you had a large family because it is affordable. Just be ware that they change for every add-on. So if you go you not only order you main dish than the soup, salad, crackers, beverage and treats are all going to the bottom line. Give it a go and let me know what you think! By the way I did not find the knives I was looking for . . . . . .


St. Paul, MN

St. Paul, MN

This is the end of summer. The “Great” Minnesota Get Together AKA the State Fair is winding down this weekend so we made the trek to see what’s new. Nothing has changed from year to year except for those few crazy food concoctions that you really don’t want to try! The novelty of novelty foods is wearing thin with each vendor trying to out do the other.

Our first stop was at Giggle’s to try some walleye fries. I was a little leery since I am not a fan of walleye but I dug in. Not bad I will have to admit. I think it was more about the batter coating than the fact that it didn’t taste fishy. An okay price for $9walleye fries

Second stop was to have a breakfast sandwich. My husband had mentioned on the way to the fair that he was in the mood for a McMuffin. Well, it wasn’t exactly a McMuffin but it hit the spot: a SPAM breakfast sandwich! I know SPAM gets a bad rap but when it is fried up with an egg and cheese there is nothing bad about it.  This for $7.00


Finally we had to have a dessert. The most obvious spot was at Dairy Goodness in the dairy barn. I just wanted a cone so I got the twist for $3.00 and my husband went a bit bigger with a strawberry malt for $6.00. The cone, for me, hit the spot. The malt had real strawberries and strawberry puree mixed with vanilla soft serve ice cream.  At this point we were done.

dairy goodness

strawberry malttwist cone

So, all in all it definitely a get together for the people of Minnesota but I am still not convinced it is all that “great”.  There is a lot to take in at the fair besides the food. We’ll try it again next year!


Inver Grove Heights, MN

Inver Grove Heights, MN

I need to stop watching Food Network and the Travel Channel! Decided to try one of the spots featured on Food Paradise. The episode was about “burgers”. This particular restaurant was the B52 Burger and Brew in Inver Grove Heights. Unbeknownst to us the menu that was found on the Food Paradise link was an old one and my husband had set his sights on the Bison Burger. Here is how the lunch went:

The restaurant is undergoing some renovations to their patio. The wait staff seemed to all be dressed in their workout clothes. Quite sloppy if you ask me. With that said it was quite dark inside with very few patrons yet it took almost 20 minutes for our food to arrive.  Strike 1. The food arrived luke warm. Normally when you get a burger and fries it is really hot and takes a few minutes to cool down enough to take a nice bite. That wasn’t the case here. Strike 2.

B52 menu

I ordered the Caprese Burger with waffle fries, not being told that the waffle fries were extra. The burger included tomato, basil, mozzarella, and a balsamic reduction sauce. Not impressed. To reiterate it was luke warm and there was no flavor. It didn’t taste like there was anything but a burger and a bun. This for $7.59 plus the $.99 for the fries.

Caprese burger

My husband first asked about the Bison Burger since we didn’t see it on the menu. “Oh, we haven’t had that for a couple of years. The information must need to be updated”.  Strike 3. We probably should have gone at this time, but his next choice was the John Wayne burger and he chose the garlic fries. His arrived in the luke warm condition with the fries drowning in garlic oil and an extra $.99 for the dipping sauce, which he was not told would be extra. The burger came with bacon, cheddar, BBQ sauce and a jumbo onion ring for $7.59.

John Wayne Burger

All in all it was a huge disappointment considering this restaurant was featured on a show called “Food Paradise”. It could loosely be called food but it was certainly no paradise.


Burnsville, MN

Burnsville, MN

About 9 months ago we attempted to have lunch at JL Beers in Burnsville, MN. After 20 minutes of no service we left and went to Lucky 13, also in Burnsville and enjoyed our lunch immensely. Fast forward to a second attempt at lunch at JL Beers. We actually had service, though not the most personable, so here is our take on the food:

JL Beers really only offers burgers, fries and beer. They do have few odds and ends on the menu for those not wanting a burger, but for the most part your choices are limited


I ordered the Totally Slawsome Burger made with coleslaw, bacon and BBQ sauce for $6.79. Decided to add a side of fries with jalapeno cheddar for $3.79. It wasn’t a long wait for either because there were not that many people dining. The burger was a burger, the slaw was actually nice and crunchy and the BBQ sauce came out of a bottle! The fries had NO jalapeno cheddar anywhere near them. They were just your basic salted string fries. I guess the server should have written down the order!


My husband had looked at the menu prior to going so he knew he wanted the Mt. Mushmore burger and loaded fries. $6.79 and $5.49 respectively and a tall glass of lemonade that actually was a cold bottle of lemonade that you poured in a glass yourself! He was not keen on the teriyaki sauce used on the burger that also had sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese nor was he impressed with the loaded fries. The idea of loaded fries is to have a tater tot or jojo size fry loaded down with the goods. Something hefty to take the weight, but, again, it was shoestring fries that got buried.

Mt Mushmore

As a side note the server offered the couple next to us a sample of whatever beer they wanted to try before they ordered. Not us! The table behind us and the couple next to us each got a souvenir postcards to take home. Not us! Take away from this experience is we probably won’t give it another try.

Burnsville, MN

Burnsville, MN

It has seemed like a long winter though spring begins next week. With the Fish Fry Season upon us it was time to venture out and give it a try. Last year we went to Morgan’s Farm to Table one Friday evening and had the All-You-Can-Eat fish fry for $15. It was amazing and obviously had seconds. So, this year we went for lunch for their All-You-Can-Eat fish fry for $15. Not so much.

Both of us couldn’t wait to  have the fish fry Friday again. The memory of what we ate last year during the Lenten season was a very fond one idea. We arrived for lunch with plenty of tables available. Our waiter took forever to take out order and we waited forever for the platters to arrive. This was was so different than the other times we have eaten at Morgan’s.

fish fry

Now doesn’t this look Yummy? All hot and crispy just out of the fryer. Let me tell you it was hot but not that crispy. The fish was falling apart inside and the batter was a little mushy. Oh, such a disappointment from the memory I had. Needless to say I did not have All-I-Could-Eat.

I will store the memories away and try somewhere else to quench my fish and chip craving. I know a place in Vancouver, BC that serves up some great food consistently.

Lakeville, MN

Lakeville, MN

Being cooped up in the house for the past few weeks because it is so darn cold out side has it’s limits. Ventured out for lunch to Rudy’s Redeye grill in Lakeville. It wasn’t busy so the service was quick and the menu had many good options. Their motto is “Where strangers become friends, and friends become family.” I’m not so sure about going that far!

Could not decide what I wanted so I landed on the Triple Combo. The entree was a series of mini sandwiches, soup and a salad for $11. The soup I had was the chili, which happened to be the soup of the day. The salad was their bistro salad: bleu cheese, golden raisins, baby heirloom tomatoes, walnuts, with balsamic maple vinaigrette. My sandwich choice, of which you get 2, were the Rudy burgers the size of sliders. I enjoyed the meal very much


My lunch date had the chili but in the big bowl and the house burger with bacon for $11. He really liked the chili and it was a huge bowl rather than the small cup. The burger and fries, he said, were good, but he would like to try something different the next time we go. In other words he could take it or leave it, nothing spectacular.

All in all it got us out of the house on a below zero day in Minnesota! I would certainly go to Rudy’s Redeye grill again and maybe go for the Baja Fish Tacos!

Lakeville, MN

Decided over the weekend that we wanted to do a buffet. Now, having been to the buffets in Las Vegas I guess I was expecting a lot more. We picked an odd location to try: the Market Grill at the new HyVee grocery store in Lakeville. ” Hy-Vee Market Grille is a full-service restaurant where the goal is to serve great food at a great value in a great atmosphere.”


Going over the buffet before ordering we both decided that it was certainly NOT worth the $20 entrance fee. They offered about 12 chafing dishes and a few pastry trays as well as a build-your-own omelet station. Imagining again the buffets we’ve had before this was not it. We didn’t give up and chose a couple of items off the menu.

I found a breakfast veggie bagel and ordered a side of hash browns (of course!). It was really good and I am glad I made the choice. Sesame bagel with grilled zucchini, peppers, onions, a tomato, sprouts. They only offer it on Sundays so don’t be looking for it on the menu any time during the week.


My husband always has a go to item if he can find it: biscuits and gravy. Well, he found it on the menu, ordered it along with a side of hash browns (of course). He said they were okay, but very heavy. The total for both of us was the same price as one buffet!


I’m on the fence as to going back or not. The buffet I do not think was worth the effort so maybe try another one of their specials during the week? Stay tuned to see what we decide! Other reviews can be found through TripAdvisor as well.