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Raleigh-Durham, NC

The home of the Carolina Hurricanes among other sports great teams both professional and college. The hotel is located near many types of restaurants so your choices are plenty. I wanted something different that I may not find at home. Found the Haveli right down the street from the hotel.

Haveli is a family owned Indian Cuisine restaurant. They offer Dine-in or Take-out as well as FREE delivery (with a $25 minimum purchase). I can honestly say that I have never had Indian cuisine so I looked for something I was somewhat familiar with. Decided upon the Peas Pulao and Naan bread. Did as a take-out so I could relax and watch a movie at the hotel.

Peas Pulao: long grain basmati rice cooked with fresh green peas and saffron. The portion was huge and then to have the Naan bread as well made for an excellent lunch the next day. If you have never had Naan bread it is amazing, especially when it is hot out of the clay oven! Cost: $ 7.50. Seriously, that was it!

I don’t know how adventurous I will be the next time I find an Indian restaurant so if you have any suggestions please send them along. I am willing to try just about anything (notice I said “just about”?).


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Because I have the opportunity to fly as often as I would like I have found some really good places to visit and have a bite to eat. It's all about finding what you like to do and having fun doing it!

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