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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Virginia Beach, Virginia

I have not been to Virginia beach in about 25 years! A lot has changed since I lived in the little town of Little Creek, just outside of Norfolk.  I was curious so I took a trip into Towne Center. I remember the Pembroke Mall, but the Town Center was all new to me. Where to begin?

I wandered a bit and checked out the mall. certainly not the largest mall I have ever been to but it had you basics. On the walk there I noticed a gelato shop and thought I would stop in on the way back. So I did. The shop was named Confetti Cafe and Gelato. Now, in a past life I owned a gelato shop so I know what I like so I can be a bit biased. The flavors all looked enticing and the presentation was quite appealing.

The dilemma: what flavors to choose. You can have a 1-2 scoop or a 3-4 scoop. I chose the 1-2 scoop option: blackberry ricotta and sea salt caramel. I was looking forward to a little salty and to my surprise the flavor I got was vanilla latte! I didn’t say anything, though I probably should have. The texture was nice and smooth and creamy but the flavor was not powerful enough to make me think coffee. The blackberry ricotta was a beautiful purple color but there was no flavor! Where were the blackberries? Again, the texture was there but not the flavor.

The cost was $3.49 for the two scoops. I actually picked up one of their frequent guest punch cards because I know I will be back to try the other 10 flavors. I would have to give them a second chance wouldn’t I?


Dallas, Texas

In the middle of all this stormy weather I made it to Dallas. I love Dallas. Just not in the summer!

Staying at the Marriott in Westlake. A little out there, but managed to navigate all the construction. What a very modern hotel and the associates were very nice as well. Decided to have breakfast at the Cielo Restaurant in the hotel. The choice was the menu or the breakfast buffet. Though the buffet was tempting I went with the menu.

Chose the 3 blueberry pancakes with 3 strips of  bacon. The pancakes were almost the size of the plate and the bacon was done just to a crisp! I enjoyed every morsel for about $10. My companions enjoyed their breakfasts as well. Buttermilk pancakes and bacon for one and corned beef has for my other two guests. Each was approximately $10.

The food was good, the company was fantastic and I look forward to visiting Dallas again. The next time it will be for a longer stay!

Nashville, TN

Oh, the music on Broadway! No, not NYC but in Nashville. Just walking down the street packed with people there is music in every bar and honky-tonk.

Always looking for food, Jack’s Bar-B-Que was where we ended up (Oprah is a fan). Promoting themselves as proudly serving barbecue from “Pit to Plate”. The menu is cafe style where you choose from  Tennessee pork shoulder, Texas beef brisket, smoked turkey, Texas sausage, St. Louis style ribs, smoked chicken, and other Southern cuisine. Take your tray and get in line and tell them what you want.

I got the Smoked Texas Sausage sandwich with a side of macaroni and cheese. I am guilty of enjoying way too much macaroni and cheese! The place was packed with a line at the door but it was worth the wait. I actually enjoyed the atmosphere as much as the food with tables filled with hungry patrons. Cost: about $6.50! shows their menu and all the choices you have.

Afterwards we went to a couple of different bars to listen to the live music. There is such talent out there I wish them all good luck. With so many choices I must continue to visit Nashville as often as possible.