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Virginia Beach, Virginia

I have not been to Virginia beach in about 25 years! A lot has changed since I lived in the little town of Little Creek, just outside of Norfolk.  I was curious so I took a trip into Towne Center. I remember the Pembroke Mall, but the Town Center was all new to me. Where to begin?

I wandered a bit and checked out the mall. certainly not the largest mall I have ever been to but it had you basics. On the walk there I noticed a gelato shop and thought I would stop in on the way back. So I did. The shop was named Confetti Cafe and Gelato. Now, in a past life I owned a gelato shop so I know what I like so I can be a bit biased. The flavors all looked enticing and the presentation was quite appealing.

The dilemma: what flavors to choose. You can have a 1-2 scoop or a 3-4 scoop. I chose the 1-2 scoop option: blackberry ricotta and sea salt caramel. I was looking forward to a little salty and to my surprise the flavor I got was vanilla latte! I didn’t say anything, though I probably should have. The texture was nice and smooth and creamy but the flavor was not powerful enough to make me think coffee. The blackberry ricotta was a beautiful purple color but there was no flavor! Where were the blackberries? Again, the texture was there but not the flavor.

The cost was $3.49 for the two scoops. I actually picked up one of their frequent guest punch cards because I know I will be back to try the other 10 flavors. I would have to give them a second chance wouldn’t I?


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Because I have the opportunity to fly as often as I would like I have found some really good places to visit and have a bite to eat. It's all about finding what you like to do and having fun doing it!

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