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The Burbs of Minneapolis

The Burbs of Minneapolis

Decided to try a local restaurant near home over the weekend. I had been putting it off because it would be a spendy expedition. Made my reservation . . . just in case. Turns out that wasn’t necessary!

Jensen’s Food & Cocktails was the destination in a suburb of the Twin Cities called Eagan. The restaurant is billed as “the premier casual dining choice for lunch and dinner offering classic steak and seafood dishes plus beer, specialty martinis and early-bird deals. . . .  We serve simple and flavorful interpretations that inspire and make dining memorable. . . We make most everything from scratch. . .”  Based on this description from their website I would never have fathomed what we actually were served!

I ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast: tender, juicy & marinated in classic Italian dressing for $15. Each entree comes with unlimited popovers with a nice whipped honey butter and a salad. I could have eaten just the popovers and been fine! That’s it . . .that’s all you get unless you want to add a side to you entree that supposedly serves 2-3 people. The least expensive side is a loaded baked potato for $5. I stuck with just the chicken, saved my salad to have with my chicken and made my own complete entree.chicken

My husband decided to go with the 14 0z New York Strip: center cut strip aged and marbled to perfection. Even this did not come with any sides for $38 no less! He got the loaded baked potato and it was enough just for him not for 2-3 people!steak

Thank goodness I had gotten a gift card to use. I am in no rush to go back there anytime soon (unless I can purchase ONLY the popovers!). It was ok but for Fine Dining I guess I expected a little more “WOW”.


Chicago’s Finest Pizza

Chicago’s Finest Pizza

Decided to take a day and try out Giordano’s Pizza in Chicago. I had heard it had the “BEST” pizza in Chicago. Known for deep-dish pizza, this casual chain serves other classic Italian food, plus beer & wine. Located on S. Cicero, just outside of Chicago Midway Airport, it only took a few minutes to walk there. It was a beautiful day so why not . . .

Now, to be fair, I am not a fan of pizza except my own homemade, but I am always willing to sample when on a trip. We actually arrived for an early lunch and was thankful we did because the restaurant can fill up quickly once noontime rolls around.

The menu is pretty straightforward. There are starters (Giordano’s Sampler is your best bet), then the pizza choices: deep dish, thin crust, or extra thin crust, or go with a pasta dish instead, add a salad, beverage and even dessert ( a S’Mores pie to keep with the pizza theme). The prices for any of the menu items is reasonable. We went with the Thin Crust “The Special” in the medium size.  It took close to 40 minutes before we could try the pizza. As I said, I am not a fan and I can say it was not as “great” as all the hype around the restaurant. To me is was just your typical pizza restaurant with the same offerings as something I can get locally in my neighborhood.

giordanos6-6-09thin samplerWe ended up taking about 1/2 the pizza home with us. It did make the other passengers on the flight a little jealous!

Actually they just opened up a Giordano’s in my neighborhood. Maybe I should give them another try?

San Diego Hot Spot

On a recent visit to San Diego we spent the day exploring the Embarcadero area. First we went to the Farmer’s Market in Little Italy. What an amazing variety of vendors selling everything from fresh produce to crepes to organic clothing! Who knew?

Venturing south towards the USS Midway we got hungry and had a hankering for fish and chips. Being from the Midwest it’s hard to find good fish and chips! In clear view of the USS Midway is The Fish Market, seafood market and restaurant. We decided to check it out and we weren’t disappointed.

fish market

I just wanted the basic fish and chips.  On the menu is was described as “Panko Style” w/french fries and coleslaw with your choice of fish. I chose the Alaskan Cod for  15.95

fishandchips I liked it enough that I would order it again. The trick is to have it when it is piping hot to get that crispy crunch of Panko on the fish.

My husband did not know what to get so he just dove into the seafood platter so he could try everything! The menu described the dish as a Smoke Fish Sampler for  18.75  that included trout, salmon, nova lox, albacore.

seafoodplatter He thought it was ok. I’m not convinced that he liked to nova lox all that much. Included in with the lunch entrees was a basket of fresh baked bread. You could never have enough!

There is also a small market where you can purchse from a wide selection of the freshest fish, shellfish, smoked fish and menu items for take out. All in all the experience was good . . . to try new things. The view of the harbor was priceless. So if you are ever in San Diego try The Fish Market