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Eagan, MN Food Truck Festival

Eagan, MN Food Truck Festival

Food Truck Festival? With the choice of over 20 food trucks in a festival atmosphere we decided to give it a try. Not disappointed! This is the first year for the festival in Eagan, MN and I can not wait until next year when it will most assuredly be bigger!


The first stop was at Porky’s Roadster for . . what else . .. a Porky’s Roadster. What a delight. This is a burger with pulled BBQ pork, cheese, pickles, tomato, shredded lettuce, and an onion ring in a giant bun. Well worth the $9.00


Our second stop was at the Tot Boss Truck. The line was a bit long so should we wait? The line was moving along at a decent pace so we waited, about 20 minutes. I got the bacon wrapped tater tots with a bacon cheese sauce for $5. My husband got the loaded taters, similar to loaded nachos except using taters for $6. The tots were just the right crispness and dipped in a cheese sauce I could have had another! The loaded tots were gone in an instant.


As I said I cannot wait for next year! Listened to wonderful music by Boogie Wonderland while enjoying the last days of summer.


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Because I have the opportunity to fly as often as I would like I have found some really good places to visit and have a bite to eat. It's all about finding what you like to do and having fun doing it!

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