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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Lakeville, MN

Decided over the weekend that we wanted to do a buffet. Now, having been to the buffets in Las Vegas I guess I was expecting a lot more. We picked an odd location to try: the Market Grill at the new HyVee grocery store in Lakeville. ” Hy-Vee Market Grille is a full-service restaurant where the goal is to serve great food at a great value in a great atmosphere.”


Going over the buffet before ordering we both decided that it was certainly NOT worth the $20 entrance fee. They offered about 12 chafing dishes and a few pastry trays as well as a build-your-own omelet station. Imagining again the buffets we’ve had before this was not it. We didn’t give up and chose a couple of items off the menu.

I found a breakfast veggie bagel and ordered a side of hash browns (of course!). It was really good and I am glad I made the choice. Sesame bagel with grilled zucchini, peppers, onions, a tomato, sprouts. They only offer it on Sundays so don’t be looking for it on the menu any time during the week.


My husband always has a go to item if he can find it: biscuits and gravy. Well, he found it on the menu, ordered it along with a side of hash browns (of course). He said they were okay, but very heavy. The total for both of us was the same price as one buffet!


I’m on the fence as to going back or not. The buffet I do not think was worth the effort so maybe try another one of their specials during the week? Stay tuned to see what we decide! Other reviews can be found through TripAdvisor as well.


Mall Of America, Minnesota

Venturing out this weekend and landed at the Mall of America. It wasn’t nice weather so what better place to get some walking in! There are always changes being made to the restaurants and shops and this time we found Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville had opened up. Not that busy for a Saturday so we were seated right away. After that the service was slow.


The menu was not that big: 4 burger choices, 4 sandwich choices, 4 salad choices . . you see the trend? Sometimes not having that many choices makes it harder to decide what to order! I went with the fish sandwich described as that Catch of The Day (whatever that was). For $15.99 it had no flavor, no zip, nothing special. BORING!


My husband ordered the fish tacos, again with the Catch of the Day, which was a surprise since he is a burger guy. The plate looked really good, but he, too, said it was tasteless and boring. For $16.99 you would think it would have something to say for it! He also got a strawberry lemonade that was actually pretty good, had some bits of fresh strawberries in it.


The overall impression was BORING! There you go . . . another celebrity who has no business being in the restaurant industry.