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Mall Of America, Minnesota

Venturing out this weekend and landed at the Mall of America. It wasn’t nice weather so what better place to get some walking in! There are always changes being made to the restaurants and shops and this time we found Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville had opened up. Not that busy for a Saturday so we were seated right away. After that the service was slow.


The menu was not that big: 4 burger choices, 4 sandwich choices, 4 salad choices . . you see the trend? Sometimes not having that many choices makes it harder to decide what to order! I went with the fish sandwich described as that Catch of The Day (whatever that was). For $15.99 it had no flavor, no zip, nothing special. BORING!


My husband ordered the fish tacos, again with the Catch of the Day, which was a surprise since he is a burger guy. The plate looked really good, but he, too, said it was tasteless and boring. For $16.99 you would think it would have something to say for it! He also got a strawberry lemonade that was actually pretty good, had some bits of fresh strawberries in it.


The overall impression was BORING! There you go . . . another celebrity who has no business being in the restaurant industry.


Nashville, TN

Oh, the music on Broadway! No, not NYC but in Nashville. Just walking down the street packed with people there is music in every bar and honky-tonk.

Always looking for food, Jack’s Bar-B-Que was where we ended up (Oprah is a fan). Promoting themselves as proudly serving barbecue from “Pit to Plate”. The menu is cafe style where you choose from  Tennessee pork shoulder, Texas beef brisket, smoked turkey, Texas sausage, St. Louis style ribs, smoked chicken, and other Southern cuisine. Take your tray and get in line and tell them what you want.

I got the Smoked Texas Sausage sandwich with a side of macaroni and cheese. I am guilty of enjoying way too much macaroni and cheese! The place was packed with a line at the door but it was worth the wait. I actually enjoyed the atmosphere as much as the food with tables filled with hungry patrons. Cost: about $6.50! shows their menu and all the choices you have.

Afterwards we went to a couple of different bars to listen to the live music. There is such talent out there I wish them all good luck. With so many choices I must continue to visit Nashville as often as possible.