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Bloomington, MN

Bloomington, MN

We decided to venture to IKEA in order to find some new kitchen knives. it was about noon time so we thought we would try their “restaurant”. It was packed! IKEA promotes this by stating “the menu includes kid’s meals, organic and vegetarian options, healthy choices and Swedish classics.” With that being said the food should be good right? W-E-L-L-L-L-L. . . .

I decided I would try their salmon burger. I am trying to eat more fish. The description is ” reinvent the traditional burger, taking culinary inspiration from a current favorite, the pulled pork burger, and giving it an extra Swedish twist  for the PULLED SALMON BURGER”. There was the burger, a little bit of lettuce (and when I say a little bit I mean it! The menu says cabbage but I beg to differ.), BBQ spices, and a couple of pickle slices ( I found 1). For $4.99 it was okay. I thought the burger was a bit dry and bland, there was no sauce, and I would rather have it flame broiled on a grill.


I also decided that I needed a little dessert at the end so I purchased 2 of the coconut truffles for $.49 each. Made with oats, cocoa powder and rolled in coconut they were so-so. I would have liked to have more chocolate. Who wouldn’t?


I guess for a for a cheap date this would be the place to go or if you had a large family because it is affordable. Just be ware that they change for every add-on. So if you go you not only order you main dish than the soup, salad, crackers, beverage and treats are all going to the bottom line. Give it a go and let me know what you think! By the way I did not find the knives I was looking for . . . . . .


St. Paul, MN

St. Paul, MN

This is the end of summer. The “Great” Minnesota Get Together AKA the State Fair is winding down this weekend so we made the trek to see what’s new. Nothing has changed from year to year except for those few crazy food concoctions that you really don’t want to try! The novelty of novelty foods is wearing thin with each vendor trying to out do the other.

Our first stop was at Giggle’s to try some walleye fries. I was a little leery since I am not a fan of walleye but I dug in. Not bad I will have to admit. I think it was more about the batter coating than the fact that it didn’t taste fishy. An okay price for $9walleye fries

Second stop was to have a breakfast sandwich. My husband had mentioned on the way to the fair that he was in the mood for a McMuffin. Well, it wasn’t exactly a McMuffin but it hit the spot: a SPAM breakfast sandwich! I know SPAM gets a bad rap but when it is fried up with an egg and cheese there is nothing bad about it.  This for $7.00


Finally we had to have a dessert. The most obvious spot was at Dairy Goodness in the dairy barn. I just wanted a cone so I got the twist for $3.00 and my husband went a bit bigger with a strawberry malt for $6.00. The cone, for me, hit the spot. The malt had real strawberries and strawberry puree mixed with vanilla soft serve ice cream.  At this point we were done.

dairy goodness

strawberry malttwist cone

So, all in all it definitely a get together for the people of Minnesota but I am still not convinced it is all that “great”.  There is a lot to take in at the fair besides the food. We’ll try it again next year!


Burnsville, MN

Burnsville, MN

It has seemed like a long winter though spring begins next week. With the Fish Fry Season upon us it was time to venture out and give it a try. Last year we went to Morgan’s Farm to Table one Friday evening and had the All-You-Can-Eat fish fry for $15. It was amazing and obviously had seconds. So, this year we went for lunch for their All-You-Can-Eat fish fry for $15. Not so much.

Both of us couldn’t wait to  have the fish fry Friday again. The memory of what we ate last year during the Lenten season was a very fond one idea. We arrived for lunch with plenty of tables available. Our waiter took forever to take out order and we waited forever for the platters to arrive. This was was so different than the other times we have eaten at Morgan’s.

fish fry

Now doesn’t this look Yummy? All hot and crispy just out of the fryer. Let me tell you it was hot but not that crispy. The fish was falling apart inside and the batter was a little mushy. Oh, such a disappointment from the memory I had. Needless to say I did not have All-I-Could-Eat.

I will store the memories away and try somewhere else to quench my fish and chip craving. I know a place in Vancouver, BC that serves up some great food consistently.

Mall Of America, Minnesota

Venturing out this weekend and landed at the Mall of America. It wasn’t nice weather so what better place to get some walking in! There are always changes being made to the restaurants and shops and this time we found Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville had opened up. Not that busy for a Saturday so we were seated right away. After that the service was slow.


The menu was not that big: 4 burger choices, 4 sandwich choices, 4 salad choices . . you see the trend? Sometimes not having that many choices makes it harder to decide what to order! I went with the fish sandwich described as that Catch of The Day (whatever that was). For $15.99 it had no flavor, no zip, nothing special. BORING!


My husband ordered the fish tacos, again with the Catch of the Day, which was a surprise since he is a burger guy. The plate looked really good, but he, too, said it was tasteless and boring. For $16.99 you would think it would have something to say for it! He also got a strawberry lemonade that was actually pretty good, had some bits of fresh strawberries in it.


The overall impression was BORING! There you go . . . another celebrity who has no business being in the restaurant industry.

San Diego Hot Spot

On a recent visit to San Diego we spent the day exploring the Embarcadero area. First we went to the Farmer’s Market in Little Italy. What an amazing variety of vendors selling everything from fresh produce to crepes to organic clothing! Who knew?

Venturing south towards the USS Midway we got hungry and had a hankering for fish and chips. Being from the Midwest it’s hard to find good fish and chips! In clear view of the USS Midway is The Fish Market, seafood market and restaurant. We decided to check it out and we weren’t disappointed.

fish market

I just wanted the basic fish and chips.  On the menu is was described as “Panko Style” w/french fries and coleslaw with your choice of fish. I chose the Alaskan Cod for  15.95

fishandchips I liked it enough that I would order it again. The trick is to have it when it is piping hot to get that crispy crunch of Panko on the fish.

My husband did not know what to get so he just dove into the seafood platter so he could try everything! The menu described the dish as a Smoke Fish Sampler for  18.75  that included trout, salmon, nova lox, albacore.

seafoodplatter He thought it was ok. I’m not convinced that he liked to nova lox all that much. Included in with the lunch entrees was a basket of fresh baked bread. You could never have enough!

There is also a small market where you can purchse from a wide selection of the freshest fish, shellfish, smoked fish and menu items for take out. All in all the experience was good . . . to try new things. The view of the harbor was priceless. So if you are ever in San Diego try The Fish Market